Physical Removal

by Acid Dream

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Acid Dreams first full length album. Riff worship.


released January 22, 2017

Guitar/Vocals - Zach Pelletier
Bass - Kaden Pelletier
Drums - Mike Spanish

All music and lyrics written by Zach Pelletier

Recorded at Dead Hipster Studios in Manistique, Michigan.



all rights reserved


Acid Dream Manistique, Michigan

Real, heavy, doom

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Track Name: Natural Selection
What I face, I do it alone
Exterminate, heart like a stone
Stockpiled, hours to think
And when I'm done I will fucking kill everyone

I lie awake, I lie in bed
Smoke and fire, run through my head
Feel the weight, the need to kill
At my school the need fulfilled

You loved to smile, but now you're dead
Body defiled, your fluids bled
The grand conclusion and the end that never comes
Unchecked aggression and the need to feel the gun

Coming out, both guns drawn
Hear the screams of the kids as they run
Pipe bombs, I love the gore
The whole time trying to settle a score
Track Name: Slave
One slave met my eyes
One slave met my eyes
I cant take all this sneaking around
In this hell that I live underground
One slave met my eyes


I can't this sneaking around
This hell I live underground
Put life in my eyes

I'm fighting something i've found
I find it somewhat profound
I find it in your eyes

Wildfires burn all around
Is this hell, I can't make a sound
I've been here, just am a tick of time, after me
We'll let them know what we have done

I cant take all this burning away, when she leaves for town...
This time I am not coming back, its gonna go down right now
Track Name: House of Mirrors
House of mirrors
Eternal soul, forgotten name
Shadows playing on the cross I see
These men they wanna crucify me
House of Mirrors

Don't go, stay out of the light

Finding myself

What I find, intoxicated birth
Hell on earth
Frozen dreams of sights I never knew could be
Unconscious ramblings, and the drugs they give to me

Your flesh is turned to wax and there you'll stay to be

You need the pain
You'd eat the pain
Track Name: Death Squad
I got the job out of desperation, needed money to eat
Pulling triggers for the desecrations, but now I'm killing for free
Line em up against the wall, open fire watch them fall
I enjoy every second

I'm fading away, more and more everyday
My lust knows no end
No allegiance to none, a love affair with my gun
Bury them deeper and deeper, all of this they deserve

I only hurt the people I need to
I've got allegiance to none
Women and children make no difference to me
I really think this is fun

Put it to the back of their head, and pull the fucking trigger

Mass graves, an earthly tomb
The sign of the apocalypse, your coming doom
Entire regions reduced, to empty casings
I drink and shoot, to hide their screams
Faces in my mind